The Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund (EF) is pleased to announce its 2012 grantees.

Evgenia Arbugaeva, Tiksi, the Far North
Rena Effendi, Capturing Coptic Life: Egypt Sectarian Struggle
Eric Gottesman, Baalu Girma
Sebastian Liste, The Brazilian Far West
Benjamin Lowy, iLibya: Libya’s Growing Pains
Justin Maxon, Murder That Goes Unsolved and Unheard
Donald Weber, War is Good*
Paolo Woods, Poor Rich

The 2012 EF photographers were selected because they proposed to report on stories not visible on the media’s map. Working in a range of narrative styles, these photographers demonstrated that they are committed to producing in-depth work that they will distribute to targeted audiences across multiple media platforms.  

2012 Nominators

Mark Murrmann - Photo Editor, Mother Jones
Michael Goldfarb - Media Relations Manager, MSF
Andrei Polikanov – Picture Editor, Russian Reporter
Mary Ann Golan – Independent Photo Editor
Alexa Dilworth – Publishing Director/Editor, Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University
Yumi Goto – Photo Consultant
James Estrin – Lens Blog Co-Editor/Senior Staff Photographer, New York Times
Dalia Khamissy – Photographer
Arianna Rinaldo – Freelance Photo Consultant and Director of OjodePez magazine
David Alan Harvey – Magnum Photographer, Magnum Foundation Board Member
Steve McCurry - Magnum Photographer, Magnum Foundation Board Member
Jim Goldberg - Magnum Photographer, Magnum Foundation Board Member
Alex Webb - Magnum Photographer, Magnum Foundation Board Member

2012 Editorial Committee

Bob Dannin – former Editorial Director of Magnum Photos, and Professor of History at Suffolk University
Philip Gourevitch – Contributing Writer at New Yorker and former Paris Review Editor
Marc Kusnetz – former Senior Producer of NBC News and Consultant for Human Rights First