Sohrab Hura

Hura hosts 5 informal exhibitions in rural areas of the Pati region

2010 Emergency Fund photographer Sohrab Hura exhibited his photographs in five locations around the Pati and Palsud Block.

Exhibitions were hung in strategic places around the villages where foot traffic was high including a makeshift bus stop in the Savariyapani village in the Pati Block.  Other exhibitions was hung in the market center of Bokhrata Panchayat and on the school walls in the Talavali Falia village.  There were no walls at the exhibition in the Palsud Block in Badwani district, so viewers were encouraged to to handle the prints and pass them around. The theme of the exhibition largely revolved around young mothers and early pregnancy.  A couple of the exhibitions were featured in conjunction with a public discussion on health issues within the community and the photographs.

Sohrab’s full story is now available on the EMERGENCY FUND WEBSITE